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the things shaping my thought

For a long time, I have adored China and for a brief while I considered relocating to the country. The most impressive thing about China is that they lifted 500M people out of poverty over the course of 30 years. That is incredibly impressive, but that is where how impressed I am ends.

The country seems to act like that friend who is a rich jerk. You keep up with their antics because they fund your lifestyle. I am thankful I have never had friends like this and I never want to have a friend like this as it speaks worse of people that leech off rich jerks.

I thought to share the 5 posts I have consumed in the last 5 days that have helped give a better mental picture. They cover Free speech, and the economic future of the country.

Before now, I have never really seen how important free speech is in a democratic nation, but I am thankful for it. Nigeria is far from being the most democratic nation, but I will take its democracy over anything else.

You can consume these 5 posts in the order I listed. But if you want to start with humor, then start from the last 2.

@benthompson covered how Chinese companies use trade and tech to attack other economies to pursue supremacy for itself


@morganhousel talks about the 3 most important forces shaping our future. They are not what you think, but strung together they tell you a lot more than many economist can.


@patrick_oshag and @PeterZeihan discuss the world through geo-politics. The clash between US and CNA was due irrespective of Trump, and that is pretty clear now. Atleast the NBA brouhaha and protests in HK have nothing to do with him.


@iamjohnoliver talks about how the one-child policy caused irrepairable damage to many families and might threaten future economy prospects of the country


@Trevornoah giving some good humor of how quickly "woke companies" became "unwoke" on fundamental human rights.


Lastly, here are a list of companies cowering to China.

That is that. I woke up pissed about the situation because of the far-reaching consequence, hopefully I can get you engaged in this too.

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